About Us

Our goal is to help shoulder the load for companies. We want to help make our clients as safe as possible while meeting current OSHA standards.

Our Story

Safety Management Service, Inc. is an expanding company in the Occupational Health and Safety field. Our goal is to make companies as safe as possible while meeting current OSHA standards. We provide all parts of an effective safety program including written materials, on-site training, inspections, and record keeping systems. Our staff consists of many true professionals with over 20 years experience in the Health and Safety field. While we do work with large companies, most of our clients are small to midsize facilities needing help to meet OSHA standards.

Meet Our Staff

Our team is committed to excellence.

Duane Schoenenberger, Owner/President Duane has a degree in the Occupational Health and Safety field that he received in 1998. He started in the safety field in 1994 and has over 14 years experience in the human resources field. He is a disabled veteran (13 years served) with the United States Army and worked for a safety consulting company for three years prior to starting Safety Management Service, Inc on December 1, 1997.

Veronica Schoenenberger, Owner/Trainer Veronica has a wide range of work experience from working for the government to working for an insurance company. She assisted in starting up the company in December of 1997 and has been growing with the company ever since. Starting out as Office Manager she has since developed into a trainer and account manager. She overseas our largest clients as well as bookkeeping for the company. She has attended OSHA training classes (511, 501, and others), while learning on the job. Veronica started her Safety Consulting career back in 1997.  Her expertise includes Training, Account Management, Plant Inspections, Employee Training and Abatement Hearings with OSHA.

Josh Schoenenberger, Senior Account Manager/Management-Administration/Trainer Josh is a graduate of IU – Education. He has 10 plus years working in the education field. He started with Safety Management Services, Inc. back in 2012. He helps write and create most of the training materials used by Safety Management Services, Inc. He is also involved in training, auditing, billing and advising clients on OSHA compliance.

John Little, Senior Account Manager John has an extensive background with over 30 years Industrial Manufacturing experience including, Supervisory, Engineering, Quality, Human Resources and Plant Management. In 1995 he started working in the Safety Consulting field.  He assists his clients with Sales, Account Management, Plant Inspections, Employee Training and Abatement Hearings with OSHA.

Jim Collins, Trainer/Senior Account Manager Jim has over 35 years experience in working in the field as a utility operator on a multitude of machines. He spent 9 weeks in Germany doing IE work and spent 2 years as a Product Manager at a machining factory.  Jim has had training in ergonomics and has served on several safety committees at previous places of employment.  In addition he also spent 5 years doing various jobs for a small construction company.  With all the work he has done in various job assignments we believe he has a great deal of experience concerning safety items from a hands on approach.

Jacob Own, Account Manager Jacob has a large background in the mechanical process of the conveyor belt system. Has 8+ years of experience with intense chemicals and HAZCOM procedure creation. Prior to starting with Safety Management Services, Jacob had been conducting safety inspections and audits the previous 4 years. He is involved in account management, training, creation of training materials, administrations, and advising clients on OSHA compliance.