The average cost for our client is $6,000. Factors that help to determine include number of shifts, size of facility, and number of employees. This average is for our small to midsize clients.

Over 90% of our clients follow a traditional comprehensive program. This includes: Onsite safety training, safety audits/inpsections, written programs/safety manual, and recordkeeping (including OSHA 300 logs). Our clients also get free access to our online training courses. Approval programs/networks have become more poplular over the last several years. We assist our clients with programs such as ISN and AVETTA.

A1: SMS keeps up to date on changes in the area of Safety. Their trainers have hands on experience working in similar industries and can relate to the needs of the clients. They are often able to save their clients a great deal of money by developing pro-active safety programs, which can help to reduce accidents and Workman’s Compensation rates.

A2: Some of the top violations are:

  1. Written Hazard Communication Programs
  2. OSHA 300 log
  3. Employee Training (HAZCOM, EAP, Lockout Authorized, etc.)
  4. Machine Guarding
  5. Written Lockout Procedures

A3: This information should be placed on the log within seven calendar days of the incident.

A4: It is our goal to develop a partnership with our clients and provide only the services or products that they currently need. We will be there for any future needs that might develop.

A5: Currently, we have representatives servicing the states of Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky, Ohio, Minnesota and Missouri. We are adding more representatives and areas on a regular basis. Contact our Home Office for assistance.

A6: We can provide Written Safety programs for the Construction Industry and some training programs. At this time we do not conduct inspections of construction sites. For more information, please contact us.